To Be Released

Time Left:

Drop Date: June 12, 2024 19:00 UTC

This domain is included in the next TBR sessions. Backorder it NOW

Backorder Price:

$18.88 CAD

*You will ONLY be charged if we catch the domain for you

What’s A TBR Domain Backorder ?

Backorder a .CA domain from the TBR list and CatchDrop will attempt to catch it for you.

CatchDrop will attempt to register it instantly after it’s released from the registry:
CIRA The “Canadian Internet Registration Authority”

The process of releasing these expired domains for general registration is called:
"To Be Released session” (TBR) and occurs every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC

How TBR Domain Backorders Work?

Every Wednesday at 19:00 UTC the weekly TBR Session is held, and expired .CA
domains are released for registration exclusively via registrar backorder until 20:00 UTC

If you are the only customer to backorder this domain, and we catch it,
it’s all yours for the minimal backorder price of ONLY $18.88 CAD

When two or more backorders are placed for the same domain, and we catch it,
the domain will be placed into a public live auction for 7 days.
The final Highest bidder wins the domain.

Our system attempts to register your backordered domain on your behalf instantly
when it’s released by the registry, although due to a multitude of factors we could not guarantee to catch the domain for you, but will always do our best.

You will only be charged if we successfully catch the domain solely for you,
with that said you have nothing to lose placing a backorder for a domain
you would like to acquire.

How Backorders Works

  • Submit your domain backorder
    before 18:45 UTC on every Wednesday.
  • Our System will attempt to catch the
    domain on your behalf.
  • You will NEVER be charged if we do not succesfully catch the domain for you.